fuckin landwwellers

Hi, I'm Malloy and I post wwhatevver I wwant. (sometimes NSFW)

I post about him too much but
I didn’t think it was possible to be this happy
I love him so much


ATTENTION TUMBLR HOMESTUCKS: We all know that the website will lag like a bitch on the next update, because of the amount of people going to see the update.  As a result, I know more than a couple of people are going to end up waiting a day or five, so they can actually read the update.  So, please, don’t post spoilers, or tag them if you, or something.  Please and thanks.

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Damn, you’s a sexy bitch, sexy fish!
Damn, you’s a sexy fish!

Damn, Bro!!!

dont look at me..

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8ut first let me t8ke a selfie [8eat drops]

vriska | john

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back runnin’ the city and you know who the squad be

can never have enough alpha-beta soup. animated by my pal RJ because he’s cool and i got tired hhhhrff

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